The Agreement of Container Bidding Member
1. On the basis of this service agreement, Wan Hai line LTD (hereinafter referred to as WHL) set up container bidding flat, the website is for container bidding. When new user register to be one of member, it means that new user agrees and accepts all of conditions in this service agreement.
2. WHL reserve the right to amend, adjust and revise any conditions of the agreement from time to time. If the member uses this bidding flat after amendment/adjustment/revision, the member should be deemed as he has already agreed to obey new conditions.
3. Member responsibility:
   3.1 Member shall provide correct, complete and new data as the bidding flat's requirement.
   3.2 Member shall maintain all of personal/company's data in correct any time. Meanwhile, in case WHL found the data is not correct, WHL have right to terminate the member“s register.
4. The code and password:
   4.1 When new user complete all process of register, label. WHL will send a user code and Password to new user mailbox which new user set up on WHL bid box website .
   4.2 Member shall keep user code and password in confidentiality.
   4.3 Any loss resulted from using code and password will be member's responsibility.
   4.4 Once member finds his code and password are embezzled by any third party please contact with WHL immediately.
5. Reject and stop member“s rights
   Member agrees that WHL reserve the right to reject member“s application and to cease the member“s register from time to time.
6. All explanation of this agreement shall be governed in the law of R.O.C. and Taipei local court should be the sole jurisdiction court for this agreement.
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